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To deliver a safe quality experience for critically ill patients it is important to seek the views of service users and relatives, involving them in any service improvement initatives and, where appropriate, service redesign.

CMCCN have developed a Patient and Public Involvement Strategy to guide organisations when making decisions about how to engage critically ill patients, their families and the wider community. This involves measuring patient and relative experience to identify areas for improvement.  

CMCCN'S Patient and Relatives experience group is comprised of members who have been patients in Critical Care previously, relatives and members of the Critical Care Multi-disciplinary team and our local ICU Steps Groups .

To review and update the CMCCN  Patient and  Public Involvement Strategy   and  to ensure that patient’s outcomes and experience are reflected in service delivery aims and objectives and consistent high quality equitable care is delivered across the network.    


  1. To review and update the existing Networks Patient and Public Involvement Strategy.

  2. To produce, provide and /or signpost educational resources and opportunities for staff around the patient and relatives experiences in critical care and major trauma.

  3. Create a forum to signpost patients and their families for help and advice during and post critical care / major trauma

  4. Produce a mechanism for patients and families to feedback to critical care and major trauma staff.

  5. To share experiences and learning 

  6. To problem solve collectively

  7. To provide peer support in a safe and confidential environment 


CMCCN Relative's Satisfaction Survey:

Providing education and training for critical care staff on the importance of gathering patient feedback, its positive impact on practice and its benefit to improving services is essential. The most successful way to engage staff is through the use of patient stories.


If you are interested in developing your own patient stories to support staff education and training this toolkit will be of use.

Resources are also available to support patients and their families during times of critical illness which can be accessed on our patients and carers page.


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Quality Improvement

Quality measures aim to find the most appropriate and deliverable measures that can be used nationaly to help organisations improve the quality of care in their services. 

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This section contains details of existing training opportunities available to staff groups within the trauma pathway. 

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Patients who have suffered a severe injury often need complex reconstruction surgery and care from many professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists...

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