Substantial work has been done on planning for a major contingency across Cheshire & Mersey, the NW region and nationally. Experience gained during the 2009 -2010 Pandemic H1N1 Influenza and the 2010-2011 H1N1 Influenza Outbreak has been applied to advance best practice in such events. This has also been applied to contingencies which may result in mass casualties requiring a co-ordinated response from multiple organisations. Please click here for the NHS England EPRR Framework.

Covid 19

Hub for current critical care Covid-19 clinical guidance -

 National guidance on non critical care staff within critical care/emergency induction document during a surge

 Quicklook resource SPO2

Quicklook resource sedation assessment

Quicklook resource safe alarm settings

Quicklook resource repositioning advanced airway

Quicklook resource NIV

Quicklook resource managing invasive ventilation

Quicklook resource inline suctioning

Quicklook resource ECG

Quicklook resource central line

Quicklook resource BP

Quicklook resource arterial lines

Quicklook resource fluid management

Quicklook resource inotropes and vasopressors

final  PU management in critical care

oral care in critical care poster

eye care in critical care poster

Best Practice Examples of supporting Critical Care staff in the workplace

Speciality Guide Critical Care

Critical Care Joint Statement

 Coronavirus: learning for the health and care workforce

medbarrier cream poster

UKCCNA Accountability delegation indemnity

UKCCNA Case studies for accountability and delegation

ICS Guidance on the use of video communication to patients and relatives

Renal REplacement Therapy for criticaly unwell adult patients

Workforce Wellbeing

PHE updated PPE guidance 3rd April 2020 -

A Synthesis of clinical experience in UK intensive care setting

ICS – prone position in adult critical care

restarting planned surgery

CIEHF ventilator bedside guide

RRT  guide


Advice on Acute Sector Workforce

Covid CC Guideline

UKCCNA Position

Critcon levels


Guidance for the role and use of non invasive respiratory support in adult patients with coronavirus

NHSE /I renal replacement therapy options in critical care clinical guide   

NHSE/I acute kidney injury in hospitalised patients with covid  19


Post Covid / Recovery phase 

ICS Framework for assessing early rehab

enhanced care guidance

Adult Critical Care

NHS North West Criritcal Care Contingency Plan

 Critical Care Local escalation plan

NHS England Management of Surge and Escalation in Critical Care Services (National SOP)

ICS Guidance to support NHS staff working in exceptional circumstances

Psychology guidance


Mass Casualty

Cheshire Mass Casulaty plan

Merseyside Mass Casualty plan


Pandemic Influenza

NHS England preparedness in support of an outbreak (Pandemic influenza)


Paediatric Critical Care

North West Paediatric Critical Care Escalation plan

NHS England Paediatric Intensive Care Surge (National SOP)



Management of adult ECMO surge (National SOP)

Management of paediatric ECMO surge (National SOP)

ECMO Service



Management of adult and paediatric critical care burns surge (National SOP)


For further information on contingency planning or business continuity please visit Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR)



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Quality Improvement

Quality measures aim to find the most appropriate and deliverable measures that can be used nationaly to help organisations improve the quality of care in their services. 

Training & Education

This section contains details of existing training opportunities available to staff groups within the trauma pathway. 

Trauma Surgeons

Patients who have suffered a severe injury often need complex reconstruction surgery and care from many professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists...

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